Quality white fish products from Northern Europe


Established in 2016, Atlas Premium is a high-tech private-label processor of arctic whitefish. Only premium raw material is sourced from a handful of trusted partners in the North Atlantic.

By combining experienced Icelandic management with the latest technologies, highest quality standards, and a skilled Latvian workforce, Atlas Premium can offer quick, flexible, and personalized service to its clients across the world.



Atlas Premium prides itself on supplying customers with the finest whitefish possible, always wild and nothing added. Premium raw material is sourced from the arctic regions of Norway and elsewhere and transported to Latvia. This procurement chain allows Atlas Premium to ensure the highest quality possible, as the fish is processed and packed in consumer packaging within 48 hours of landing at north Atlantic harbors.


Atlas Premium strives to ensure that the whole process from the ocean to the plate is environmentally sustainable. From only sourcing MSC certified raw material, carefully choosing partners who use the line-and-hook catching method, to utilizing every part of the fish in order to minimize food waste and offering biodegradable packaging, every part of the production process is taken with care and consideration.


Atlas Premium is proud to offer a safe workplace to its employees regardless of race, age, religion, sex, nationality, or sexuality. Team members are provided with training and education and the company has invested in latest machinery and technology to improve workers safety and comfort.


Atlas Premium has quickly established itself as a leading private-label processor for leading European and American retailers. The company continues to invest heavily in latest machinery to maximize efficiency and minimize its carbon footprint. Atlas Premium aims to continue to be the leading high-tech whitefish processor for American and European retail and HORECA customers and will work closely with its partners to improve and develop current and future product offerings.